Black Tarantula, the J.I.S.M. Girls' super spy, is working out at their new top-secret training facility.


Unbekownst to her, she is being watched by The Diddler, recently released from prison and in search of revenge.

To help he's brought along the Black Chickadee, recently transformed into a villainess by Lex Leathor in Episode 16.



She uses her deafening siren's scream to break the Black Tarantula.




The Diddler and his protege clebrate with a villianous blow job...



...before turning their attentions toward the aggrieved arachnid.



She becomes an enthusiastic participant, and yet another superheroine succombs to her dark side .





Nesty is back in black and she's brought Lily LaBeau with her. What a dynamic duo they make!




Running time: 41 minutes plus behind the scenes footage. Shot in HDV!

PLEASE NOTE: All sexual activity was consensual. This video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality.
The producers do not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.

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