"Sexed Up Superheroines 23: Love Potion 69" stars Bettina di Capri as The Cuntress, who receives a call from Dr. Steele, who gives her a false tip about the villanous Ra'iz A Tuhl. She goes to Ra'iz A Tuhl's (who will from here on out be referred to as RaT) lair only to discover that it was a trap. RaT (who has a ridiculously funny raspy laugh) blows some special powder into her face and she immediately passes out on the couch.


Cuntress wakes up later on the couch only to find that her wrists and ankles are bound by ropes. She struggles to break free to no avail as RaT fondles her through her costume. He pours a special potion into her mouth and forces her to drink it, explaining that it was his "love potion 69", which will make her fall madly in love with him. He continues to grope her (mostly her ass) as the potion takes effect. At first she resists but soon enough she has a smile on her face and seems to be into it albeit in a submissive way. At this point he unties her ankle ropes and spreads her legs wide, rubbing her crotch through her costume. He then unties her hands and she passionately kisses him on the couch. There is definitely more kissing here, than you see in your usual porn movie. So if you are into that you will really like this scene.


RaT then tells her to give him a lap dance, which she does enthusiastically, declaring how much she loves him as she does so. He then has her play with her pussy as he films it, which she does by tearing a hole in the crotch of her costume. She moans with desire and says she loves him as she masturbates for the camera. He then finger fucks her for a while (as she still masturbates), before he goes down on her. She then asks him to fuck her, so he plows into her on the couch while she continues to rub her clit. This segment ends with her orgasming on command.


Then he tells her that if she loves him, she'll suck his dick, so in the next scene she is kneeling before him, naked except for her boots and gloves, giving him an enthusiastic blowjob (taking him in rather deep). I have to emphasize that Cuntress looks extremely hot wearing nothing but the gloves and the boots. She has nice perky breasts. Cuntress then gets on top of RaT and rides him for a while, until he cums on her face at the end.


There's not really a master/slave dynamic here so much as Cuntress's mind is simply altered by the potion. She is compelled to love him and treats him like she would her boyfriend. Betinna's Cuntress costume doesn't really show any skin (until it's torn open, of course), but it is nice and tight and her ass looks fantastic in it.

- Madcap