Sexed Up Superheroines 24: Hero Worship stars Leyla Black as Flamestar, who wears a tight yellow catsuit. She starts the movie taking a hot shower after a long day of crime-fighting, so right off the bat you get to see her stripping out of her costume and getting wet.


Matt Bird, playing her masseuse Reggie, suspects that his client Angel is actually Flamestar, when he shows up to give her a scheduled massage. But before the massage begins he goes into the kitchen to make her a smoothie with a special ingredient: a muscle and mind relaxer made from exotic herbs. He makes sure she swallows every drop and puts on his special massage gloves, which have a mind controlling effect on her. He tells her to imagine the gloves penetrating through her scalp and massaging her brain while she is in a highly suggestible state, and he slowly brainwashes her to obey him. She sleepily repeats after him until he goes one step too far, and she suddenly breaks out of her trance and tries to get away.


He then turns on a special setting on the gloves, and they glow with a pulsating, colorful light, which gets her back into the trance. Flamestar is determined to fight him, but you can hear in her voice that she has no chance to resist. Once he has her under his control, he gets her to admit that she is Flamestar, and tells her that she will use her superpowers to make him rich. He has her put her costume back on and he admires his newly enslaved superheroine, feeling her up through the costume. She is a very agreeable slave, responding to commands in a sleepy voice and calling him master.


The first thing he has her do is kneel and give him a blowjob on the couch while she is still in her costume, and it's kind of enjoyable to hear the tight vinyl squeak as she moves around. After that he programs her with a couple key words that will affect her when she is not in a trance, "Relax", which puts her in a weakened state where she can't resist him, and "icecicle", which makes her so cold that she can't use her fire powers. He tests her obedience by having her go out and rob the First Metropolitis Bank for him.


After she returns from robbing the bank (completely unbeknownst to her), he hits her with both of the key words and gets her back under his control. He has her jerk him off for a while and then she has to prepare her pussy for him by masturbating until she is nice and wet. She then rides him reverse cowgirl on the couch, still in the costume, with just a large slit open in the crotch. After a while she orgasms very loudly, which brings her out of the trance. She awakens in shock and leaps off of him, but he immediately "relaxes" her back under his control and she falls to the floor.


He begins stripping her out of her costume, and eventually she wakes up but is too powerless to fight his advances. He carries her limp body over to the couch and fucks her, and she loudly moans in pleasure as he fucks her, but otherwise seems too weak to do much but lie there and take it. She's no zombie slave here, but is still totally submissive...until he tells her he's going to cum in her mouth, which she loudly objects to. But he tells her to "relax" and all her resistance immediately fades away. After he cums in her mouth she bubbles the cum back up onto her lips before he tells her to swallow it fall into oblivion forever, and the last we see of her is her staring mindlessly at the ceiling.


Leyla Black is a very hot actress, and for those of you who get tired of the zombie thing, she does a good submissive, and her feeble efforts to resist before she succumbs are enjoyable to watch. For those who do like the blank stares, there are a few of those moments here and there to tide you over. This one should certainly appeal to those of you who like the "breaking free and then falling back under control" thing. Definitely a worthy addition to Steve's superheroine catalog!


- Madcap