Big Bad Voodoo Papi is hanging out at his lair, minding his own business...


...when Wonderful Gal bursts in looking for her sister (see episode 8.) She binds him with her magic lasso and he is compelled to tell her where her sib is being held captive.


And just where might that be, you ask? At the lair of one of Dr. Steele's strangest minions, the mutant known as Junk Yard Dog.



JYD manages to snare Wonderful Gal in her own lasso.

Now she must do whatever he wishes, including eating his kibble and unmasking herself.


But that's just the beginning, as he laps at her pussy and makes her suck on his bone.




When will it end ?!?!




Not until Junk Yard Dog is fully satisfied by completely humiliating the hapless heroine.




Cute, sexy newcomer Kenna Kane stars as Wonderful Gal.

Running time: 42 minutes plus behind the scenes footage and outtakes. Shot in HDV!

PLEASE NOTE: All sexual activity was consensual. This video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality.
The producers do not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.

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