Sexed Up Superheroines 25: Absolutely Marvelous, starring Cherry Kiss and Matt Bird, is a custom video ordered by me, and let me tell you I was not at all disappointed! The story opens with Ms. Marvelous doing some calisthenics in her headquarters to stay limber for crimefighting, and Cherry Kiss looks fantastic in that costume. She shows off her sexy body during a series of stretches and exercises. Meanwhile, her nemesis Lavender Lad has been hired by Dr. Steele to use his psychic powers to track down and incapacite the remaining JISM girls.


Ms. Marvelous is doing some leg exercises when Lavender Lad finally makes psychic contact. He reaches out and attempts to take control of her mind. Ms. Marvelous puts up a feeble struggle, but soon enough she is under the villain's control and zombie sleepwalking to his headquarters. Upon her arrival, he commands her to go to her cell, at which point she sleepwalks to a bedroom and lies down on the bed. As soon as she lies down, she snaps out of his control, but he is already there to taunt her. They banter back and forth for a moment, and Ms. Marvelous threatens to kick his ass, but little does she realize that his powers have been enhanced by Dr. Steele. She kneels on the bed as he psychic blasts her and quickly falls back under his control. He gets her to repeat after him things like "I have no will, I am your plaything, etc", and then he sends a broadcast to the other JISM girls, showing off his prize and demonstrating his control over her. He talks about his control over her while she kneels beside him on a table, awaiting his command.


He has her do some simple exercises for the video, and soon enough she is sucking her new master's dick, bending over at the waist and showing off her ass while doing so. She sucks his dick with a robotic rhythm, holding him steady with one gloved hand. It doesn't look like a very comfortable position to hold for long, but the only comfort Lavender Lad is concerned with is his own.


Next up Lavender Lad fucks her pussy as she rides him reverse cowgirl, staring off into space. The costume is removed save for the boots, gloves, sash, and mask, so you never forget that he's fucking a superhero. Then he lays her on her side and fucks her from behind with her leg in the air. She makes no sound and has a blank, dreamy expression on her face as she just lies there and takes it. I love the way her eyes look whenever there's a close-up of her face.


Next up he has her get down on all fours and he fucks her ass. She masturbates her pussy robotically with a gloved hand and agrees that she is his anal slave as he pounds her asshole. He has her repeat things like "my ass was made to be fucked" before he finally cums on her face. Cherry Kiss does a fine job of acting entranced and she perfectly has the right look for a character like Ms. Marvelous. The actress is hot, the costume is hot, the sex is hot, and the entranced acting is cannot go wrong with this one!


- Madcap