Dr. Steele has cloned his henchman Man-Fly (done-in by Arachnia in Episode 3) and sent him on a crime spree. As Episode 7 opens the hapless villain is swatted once again, this time by the Power Princess and her sewer pipe fly swatter.



While the squeaky clean heroine's alter ego relaxes at the tennis club...



...Steele contacts Prof. H, the world's most evil super psychic. Since the Power Princess is the strongest of all the J.I.S.M. Girls, the only one of Steele's minions who stands any chance at all of defeating her is the one with superior brain power.



Prof. H toys with her, making her reveal her true identity at a nearby strip club.



Then he summons her to his lair where the real fun begins.



Buxom newcomer Leigh Livingston is the prefect choice to play the beguiling Power Princess.



Running Time: 47 minutes, including interviews, outtakes, behind the scenes and unused footage.


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PLEASE NOTE: All sexual activity was consensual. This video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality.
The producers do not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.






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