Sexed Up Superheroines 5:

A Tiger By The Tail

Dr. Steele has learned the true identity of J.I.S.M. Girl She-Devil. She is really fashion designer Chita Leone. He sends one of his minions, The Tamer, to the heroines house in the hills to, well, tame her.

When he arrives, he whips her into shape, literally. But that isn't enough to quell the savage she beast, so he resorts to a more primitive method. Using a blow gun and a dart dipped in venom, he renders her unconscious. The venom transforms her into a super villainess and when she awakens she can't resist her new master.

The beautiful and exotic Daisy Marie stars as
She-Devil and her performance can only be called animalistic.

Running Time: 40 minutes, including interviews, outtakes and behind the scenes footage.

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PLEASE NOTE: All sexual activity was consensual. This video depicts FANTASY situations, not reality. The producers do not condone the behavior practiced by the fictional characters in this video.




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